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Boris Kuznetsov
Lawyer, writer, academician, 
human rights champion

BORIS KUZNETSOV, 62, the recipient of the prestigious CIS Lawyer of the Year award, is one of the most celebrated human rights lawyers in Eastern Europe.

After graduating from the renowned St. Petersburg’s University law school, Mr. Kuznetsov was assigned as the chief of the Siberian Criminal Investigations Department of the USSR Federal Government.

For twenty years Mr. Kuznetsov held senior law enforcement posts in the criminal justice system. He also lectured throughout Eastern and Western Europe.

Kuznetsov & Partners’ clients list reads like a "Who’s Who" in politics and entertainment. Kuznetsov served as counsel for the Speaker of the Russian Parliament, Victor Shumeyko, and recently emerged victorious representing the legendary ballerina Maya Plisetskaya in a high profile libel case. Kuznetsov & Partners also represented some of the largest Russian and Western oil companies, banks and government agencies including Shell Oil Corp., MARS Chocolate Co. as well as the Embassy of the United States in Moscow. 

Kuznetsov & Partners practice before the United Nations Commission for International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), Convention on Settlement by Arbitration of Civil Law Disputes, International Chamber of Commerce, Permanent Court of International Justice, Soviet-Spanish Treaty of Commerce, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, London Court of Arbitration, Soviet- Finnish Treaty of Commerce, International Centre of Settlement of Investment Disputes, International Chamber of Commerce, and International Court of Justice.

Mr. Kuznetsov serves as expert for the International Committee of the Russian Parliament (Duma) and appears in Who is Who in Russia (1997, 1999)  and International Who is Who (1998-1999) directories. He a recipient of numerous Government awards and professional recognitions for his  work in furthering Russian legal reform. He has greatly contributed to exposing Russian money laundering in the US and Western Europe in 1999, and was instrumental in passing of a   recent landmark anti-money laundering law by the Russian Parliament.


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Boris Kuznetsov conferring with the Speaker of the Russian Parliament (Duma), Victor Shumeyko



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